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Negative & Bipolar Ion Generator

Ion Shower make Negative & Bi-Polar Ion Generators are well known for their effectiveness & durability since 10 years. Neg-ative ions when released in the air in very large quantity, latch on to positive ions in the room such as dust particles, pollen, fungal spores and, of course, air borne bacteria & viruses. The increase weight of the bonded molecules make them fall to the ground faster, thus cleaning the air. Hence it could ensure the wellbeing of the office staff who are working around the clock in the closed office premises. Negative ions also enhances their disease resistance power and ability to fight the virus. Ion Shower devices are certified for not generating ozone while in operation. TAPPL negative & Bipolar ion generators does not require any consumables & need very little maintenance except occasional cleaning with soft damp cloth. These devices are specially manufactured for commercial use.


Electric Odor Control Machine

ISC 550/1100 H devices are very useful for Dental Clinics, ICU, Path Labs, Blood Banks, Covid19 facilities etc. where one needs to remove air borne pathogens from the closed environments especially when these places are occupied by humans & using ozone or any other disinfectant method for air sterilization is not permissible. We use our own patent applied technology known as ISC (Ion Shower Cells). ISC works by converting Water vapor (H2O) and Oxygen (O2) from the untreated air into hydroxyls and hydro-peroxides eliminating various microbes (odors, mold, bacte-ria, viruses, VOC’s etc.) from air and surfaces, additionally it consist high intensity Ultra-Violet optics as well as very powerful Negative Ion Generator. The best part is, these devices can be used in human occupied areas unlike ozone generating devices. Hence you can install & use the devices with our ISC technology all the time without need of shutting down the premises for human occupation. The ISC devices are standalone type of devices & can be mounted on the wall hence non intrusive & space saving.


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