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Thosh Ion Shower is a small health care product maker located in Mumbai. We make High quality health related specialized devices on order, allowing us to pay careful attention to detail and quality control, and above all – allowing Us to deal directly with our customers. The product name ‘Ion Shower’ reveals a lot about our philosophy and our Device. We try to be genuine in everything we do. Before launching this Product we made it sure by field testing it for two years before introducing it in to the market place. Design philosophy behind our Air Purifiers : We had a clear vision that the device which is primarily been designed to remove airborne infections & pollutants should have following attributes :
  • Easy to set up & use
  • Easy to carry with you when you travel
  • Elegant & unobtrusive in any decor
  • Very cost effective in long run
The result of this vision is Thosh Ion Shower. Maintenance free negative ion generator. It is High quality, High Capacity, Very Effective in fighting airborne infections & polluting substances. The Ion Shower will be your health guardian for many years, without asking anything in returnâ€Â¦Ã¢€Â¦well may be just a little bit of cleaning.

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