Thosh Ion Shower

About Us

Located in Maharashtra (India), Thosh Ion Shower is involved in the manufacturing and supplying of high-performance Negative ION Generator. The company is a strong proponent of Negative Ion Therapy and hence we have developed our Negative ION Generator using advanced technology.

Our Production Facility
We own a spacious and well-structured production facility where our Negative ION Generator is precisely developed using the latest technology and ultramodern machines. our facility is also equipped with all required amenities essential for a smooth production process.

Benefits Of Negative Ion Therapy
When you switch on the Negative ION Generator, the surrounding atmosphere gets loaded with negatively charged ions or electrons (which are the basis of negative ion therapy). By using those electrons to remove elements that have an adverse effect on the physical and emotional well-being of the individual, the body’s natural defense system can begin to make the necessary repairs and bring the individual back to a healthy state. Because the purpose of this therapy is to drain the toxins from the environment and the body, any condition that is interfering with the natural function of the muscles and nervous system are isolated and reduced through continued administrations of the therapy. As the impediments to good health are brought under control, the individual begins to enjoy an enhanced state of physical and mental health.

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